vBulletin 5 Connect Beta 20 is Now Available

vBulletin 5 Connect Beta 20 is for vBulletin 5 Connect license holders to download. Prospective customers may preview vB5 Connect at . The vBulletin 5 Connect Beta 20 feedback

افتراضي vBulletin 5 Connect Beta 20 is Now Available

vBulletin 5 Connect Beta 20 is NOW AVAILABLE for vBulletin 5 Connect license holders to download.

Prospective customers may preview vB5 Connect at www.vbulletin.com/vb5demo/.

The vBulletin 5 Connect Beta 20 feedback thread for licensed customers is HERE. We use your feedback to improve vBulletin.

Beta 20 addresses 137 issues. However, we recommend you not utilize vBulletin Betas for live sites.

Note: As with all Beta releases, no phone or ticket support will be provided for Beta 20. However, customers purchasing a vBulletin 5 Connect license will receive 30 days of free ticket support--with a start date commencing upon the Gold release.

  1. VBV-3144 Non-inline attachments not displayed anywhere
  2. VBV-6088 Fatal error: Call to undefined method vB_Session_WebApi::getVbUrlScheme()
  3. VBV-5413 3.8.7 > 5.0.0 Upgrade : Uncaught Database Error during upgrade
  4. VBV-6242 Can't get to Registration form and register when Can View Channel Permission is set to No for unregistered/logged out users.
  5. VBV-6106 Quick reply box missing
  6. VBV-5753 Banned Users Aren't Really Banned
  7. VBV-2947 User Profile 'Field Categories' and 'Fields' are not appearing in Profile
  8. VBV-4082 Inherited permissions don't show properly when editing sub-channels permissions
  9. VBV-6002 Upgrade from 4.2.0 to 5.0.0 failing on Alpha 1 Step 131
  10. VBV-6086 vB5 Sprint53m6 Topic message content not displayed
  11. VBV-5154 Upgrade Test Failures
  12. VBV-4931 Admin/mod CP don't work with open_basedir enabled
  13. VBV-3480 Ajax parts not working when using non standard port eg. 8080
  14. VBV-6174 XSS in text captions of photos executes in post and stream views
  15. VBV-6163 XSS: photo captions are used as filenames in the attachment list of photo conversation displays. viewed as raw and html will work
  16. VBV-6045 the method query fetchModlogs has data validation problems
  17. VBV-6024 Mobile App: Trying to view forums of a category crashes app (Android)
  18. VBV-5164 "permissions" data format for any Node is inconsistent
  19. VBV-5988 User not able to delete multiple sent messages
  20. VBV-5412 FR: Inline images causes null posts and crashing
  21. VBV-4575 Blog icon will be gone after saving changes to blog admin
  22. VBV-1559 Conversation Detail Module can't be edited
  23. VBV-3368 Remove unneeded vB4 templates
  24. VBV-5508 URL Rewrite error for other language
  25. VBV-5766 Characters override the Panel
  26. VBV-5968 Online User Module: Displaying Avatars Settings are using User Setting incorrectly
  27. VBV-5850 Inline Option not working for user signature
  28. VBV-6044 Mobile App: Moving multiple threads only moves one thread (iOS)
  29. VBV-6046 Mobile App: Moving multiple threads moves them all to the same thread (Android)
  30. VBV-5931 Video BBcode disappear after editing and re-saving post, affected in all places that are editable.
  31. VBV-5986 Coppa user setting should be set to yes when a new coppa user is created
  32. VBV-1941 Blog Summary module edit form is a search form
  33. VBV-4021 VBV-3726Usergroup Permission "Maximum Created Groups" doesn't work
  34. VBV-3844 VBV-3726Usergroup Permission "Can Edit Own Posts" doesn't work
  35. VBV-3845 VBV-3726Usergroup Permission "Can Delete Own Posts" doesn't work
  36. VBV-3846 VBV-3726Usergroup Permission "Can Delete Own Threads" doesn't work
  37. VBV-6105 Notice: Array to string conversion in [path]\core\vb\api\follow.php on line 315 when subscribing a Group
  38. VBV-5882 missing search result template for video contenttype
  39. VBV-4513 Search working incorrect on NOT identifier.
  40. VBV-5764 Moderator log shows 0 results
  41. VBV-5758 Changes from editing another user's photos don't save
  42. VBV-5422 Custom profile fields not working in profile (Radio button, single / multi menu / checkboxes) - all show as single line textboxes
  43. VBV-3176 Ad Module not showing its name in site builder.
  44. VBV-1301 Attachment Manager, Search, Statistics, Storage Type page will display Error
  45. VBV-5843 If any of your usergroups has "Can View Channels" permission set to No, can't view any channel
  46. VBV-1892 Redirect legacy urls to new url format.
  47. VBV-3880 In Admin CP Settings when creating settings for a custom product and a default value is set, the setting is blank. (It should show the default value after saving.)
  48. VBV-1189 Admins must be able to define their own date/time format
  49. VBV-5884 Move the "Show post signature" with the options Collapsed and Inline from User Setting to Admin Setting, per wireframe
  50. VBV-6025 When moving Ad Modules while editing a page or rendering Header Ads while saving, the document.write in Ad code overwrites the entire page
  51. VBV-6000 Save button is disabled after not session logged in warning message
  52. VBV-1667 Create a New Group - Upload group image will not work if uploading image from hard drive.
  53. VBV-3249 VBV-3726User can upload pictures that exceed the total file size limit of albums
  54. VBV-5272 Usernames does strange things with HTML Entities
  55. VBV-4838 bbcode is using filedataid instead of the attach nodeid for attachments
  56. VBV-4686 Search Module does not save advanced JSON
  57. VBV-3979 Facebook - can't disconnect once connected (button in profile doesn't work)
  58. VBV-6034 VBV-6033Change htmltitle to use strip_tags intead of htmlspecialcharsuni
  59. VBV-6036 VBV-6033Change Legacy API to Grab title_clean from htmltitle
  60. VBV-6035 VBV-6033Change Upgrader to Import Correct Values for Htmltitle
  61. VBV-6038 VBV-6033Ensure Emails Are Using Htmltitle Instead of Title
  62. VBV-6033 Node table's htmltitle stored incorrectly
  63. VBV-754 Post number is not clickable
  64. VBV-5848 Not able to post a poll when "Set poll timeout" is enabled
  65. VBV-5586 Datastore cache file does not exist. Please reupload includes/datastore/datastore_cache.php
  66. VBV-6113 Non English characters in username (admin included) break username in database
  67. VBV-6048 Facebook link to login its not workin just the icon its responding.
  68. VBV-2624 Prevent putting two activity stream modules on the same page.
  69. VBV-6170 Attachment Files List pops up for Starters when there are links discussions replies in the thread
  70. VBV-6165 Guests can see Blog Entry button when Can Moderate Posts permission is set to Yes in Admin CP
  71. VBV-1240 Read/unread doesn't work
  72. VBV-5124 API Ignores BB Closed status.
  73. VBV-6056 Client rebuild Search Index (searchindex.php) core path is wrong
  74. VBV-5914 Permission flags missing from node content result
  75. VBV-5969 Siege Test Shows need for Query Change
  76. VBV-6173 When viewing home page as a guest, the latest Activity stream shows "Internal Error" message
  77. VBV-6280 Unable to add tags to Forum topics, Blog posts or Group topics
  78. VBV-6103 Unable to join a Group as a regular user
  79. VBV-4255 css.php will not display values for styles that are not user selectable -- even if logged in as administrator.
  80. VBV-1318 Edge Case: Creating two forums with the same name causes second to fail.
  81. VBV-5966 Mobile/FB App: Nothing appears in poll threads
  82. VBV-6052 Mobile App: Copying a thread results in an error
  83. VBV-6023 Mobile App: Categories do not appear correctly in forum lists
  84. VBV-6135 Display order 0 doesn't hide forum
  85. VBV-3385 Ajax switch off not working
  86. VBV-5824 Styling issues when using "Select From Photo Album"
  87. VBV-6068 Signature Upload Attachment menu, the Cancel Button of the attachment menu closes the signature editor - keeps upload menu open.
  88. VBV-5951 Add Folder error needs a user friendly message
  89. VBV-6065 Re-Add "Edit Site" Label to the Site Builder ON/OFF Button.
  90. VBV-5802 Mobile App: Can't move a post
  91. VBV-5676 Naming a subforum as a long number name makes the name changes by itself.
  92. VBV-5690 Filling profile about message with a long number makes the message changes by itself.
  93. VBV-5930 Tables add <br /> tag after saving.
  94. VBV-5918 Site-Builder buttons are spammable, duplicates site builder content
  95. VBV-3798 mysql_real_escape_string(): 17 is not a valid MySQL-Link resource in /core/vb/database.php on line 685
  96. VBV-6076 CKEDITOR toolbar blocks should float next to eachother
  97. VBV-5621 Reputation Bar doesn't hide when reputation for user is disabled.
  98. VBV-6021 If you remove all photos while editing a photo discussion, you can save it without an error alert
  99. VBV-5738 VBV-3726Cannot send private messages if usergroup permission "Maximum Recipients to Send PMs at a time" is set to 0
  100. VBV-1960 CAPTCHA image refresh on the registration page doesn't load a new CAPTCHA image
  101. VBV-3714 Upgrade vB Forumversion 4.2.0 PL2 -> vB 5.0.0 alpha 38: extra navigation bar/footer items are added
  102. VBV-3688 Threads will duplicate post into a reply when upgrading from 4.2
  103. VBV-4221 After 420 > 500 upgrade, post and thread totals are all messed up.
  104. VBV-4107 Unregistered usergroup has permission to create private message, links and videos by default
  105. VBV-4080 Dates will not be correctly parsed, will display m-d-Y instead
  106. VBV-728 Creating link discussion: can't parse urls without http://
  107. VBV-5947 Show More link for Latest Activity on home prompts "Unable to contact server" error
  108. VBV-5765 Undefined index from Requests Preview on PM page and incorrect blog name
  109. VBV-5932 advanced search date range error
  110. VBV-3351 Image attachment background does not match post background
  111. VBV-6063 CSS: Not enough contrast on button.primary when sprites are not used.
  112. VBV-4763 Automatic DST correction does not work
  113. VBV-5856 Comment notifications go to the topic creator instead of the poster whose reply is being commented.
  114. VBV-5998 Failure in node unit test -- testNodeStats
  115. VBV-5891 permissions cache issue in nodeTest
  116. VBV-4774 Spell check does not work using Firefox
  117. VBV-3708 BBcode not displayed correctly in post preview
  118. VBV-3843 When connecting with Facebook, user information is not populated in the registration form
  119. VBV-4439 Subscriptions before upgrade do not display correct Last Activity date
  120. VBV-3557 Customize My Theme Background Image not reflecting current setting
  121. VBV-5037 Install script will take too much time on 47%, on XML Import steps.
  122. VBV-5415 3.8.7 > 5.0.0 Upgrade : Forum List still shows last poster as Guest.
  123. VBV-6208 /js/ javascript files prompting for download in IE8,9,10 and Firefox but not in Chrome ?
  124. VBV-6126 Error occurs when saving Post Settings for group
  125. VBV-5975 Select wrapper method does not allow colums to be set
  126. VBV-6270 Inline moderation menu missing in topic view
  127. VBV-1957 Links are not automatically parsed in the Basic Editor
  128. VBV-3090 No year specified in frontend copyright footer
  129. VBV-5786 vB_Api_Template::bulk_fetch is deprecated but still used
  130. VBV-6073 Date of DOB in User Settings resets to 01 after clicking out of Year field or selecting new Month option
  131. VBV-2459 (Porting from vB4) Unused phrase collection
  132. VBV-2040 Photo Viewer have max-height set to "none", odd sized photos will look incomplete
  133. VBV-2277 (Porting from vB4) Missing phrase empty_if_condition
  134. VBV-1420 Blog summary will display a different avatar instead of the default one when user don't have an avatar
  135. VBV-2849 Phrase explaining limits on the avatar upload needs to be built based on permissions
  136. VBV-4692 When using template syntax in a header ad, and it's saved, the raw syntax is displayed to the user initially, but displayed correctly after page load.
  137. VBV-1202 Action links in Ad Module editor is difficult to see, dark text on dark background.
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