vBulletin 5 Connect Beta 25 has been released

vBulletin 5 Connect Beta 25 is for vBulletin 5 Connect license holders to download. Prospective customers may preview vB5 Connect at . The vBulletin 5 Connect Beta 25 feedback

افتراضي vBulletin 5 Connect Beta 25 has been released

vBulletin 5 Connect Beta 25 is NOW AVAILABLE for vBulletin 5 Connect license holders to download.

Prospective customers may preview vB5 Connect at www.vbulletin.com/vb5demo/.

The vBulletin 5 Connect Beta 25 feedback thread for licensed customers is HERE. We use your feedback to improve vBulletin.

Beta 25 addresses 129 issues. However, we recommend you not utilize vBulletin Betas for live sites.

Note: As with all Beta releases, no phone or ticket support will be provided for Beta 25. However, customers purchasing a vBulletin 5 Connect license will receive 30 days of free ticket support--with a start date commencing upon the Gold release.

  1. VBV-6795 CLI Upgrade Error on Beta 24: Duplicate entry '0' for key 'PRIMARY'
  2. VBV-6829 Install fails due to missing session
  3. VBV-6826 [object%20Object] appears in redirect URL, after moving a forum topic to blogs with Move Posts
  4. VBV-6697 Additional Subscription Module is added to the left side bar of the user's subscription page when saving module settings
  5. VBV-1585 Change 'Forum URL' setting in AdminCP
  6. VBV-6276 COPPA page is not shown after registration of young user
  7. VBV-6012 Pagination is broken, it's not displaying all the posts after upgrading
  8. VBV-6774 Wrong usergroup field being handled in upgrader a28 step 11
  9. VBV-6642 Invalid JSON string error occurs when searching diffent types of characters
  10. VBV-6695 Comments that were soft deleted by the Registered User that wrote it do not display for Admin user.
  11. VBV-3017 Expired Polls still show vote options
  12. VBV-6775 "Unable to contact server" Error when clicking an ajax button, but before it loads, the user clicks to go to another page.
  13. VBV-6647 Admin cannot expand comments if non-deleted comments are less than or equal to "initial comments" setting even with additional deleted comments
  14. VBV-6663 Inputting an unrecognized email in the forgot password form on IE9 causes the form to hang
  15. VBV-1836 Implicity Cacheable "Set-Cookie" response is a high risk caching directive
  16. VBV-6505 Can submit threads with blank titles on IE8
  17. VBV-3474 Cannot unsubscribe from User
  18. VBV-6617 Mobile App: Forums with BB Code turned off render BB code
  19. VBV-3642 Choosing a poll timeout makes it a multiple choice poll
  20. VBV-6055 Deleting logged in user renders user unable to browse the forum, if they were logged in with Remember Me
  21. VBV-3955 Cannot Edit Profile Pictures or Avatars in AdminCP
  22. VBV-6806 Unable to post comments in a blog entry
  23. VBV-2782 Merging posts results in no content
  24. VBV-5135 Deleting Group Category displays forum error page within admincp
  25. VBV-6780 Default "Display Avatar?" setting of the Online User Module is not in effect until user saves the module. Set at Yes, but not displaying avatars. (Regression Beta 20)
  26. VBV-6707 Editing "Latest Group Topics" module configuration breaks module
  27. VBV-6704 Custom Profile Fields not working in registration: any information entered is lost, and required fields are not enforced
  28. VBV-6692 Group Admin - manage subscribers is not working correctly
  29. VBV-6545 Channel limit permission does not take into account the group in topic record
  30. VBV-6521 Replace Blog/Social group member/moderator/owner usergroups with the generic Channel member/moderator/owner usergroups.
  31. VBV-6504 leaveChannel method from blog API doesn't differ between blog members and social group members.
  32. VBV-6433 on blog posts, when moderators unapprove an entry, non-moderators should not be able to see it, but they do
  33. VBV-2913 Database error when changing the user title via Admin CP
  34. VBV-6500 "Invalid data." When trying to subscribe a blog with view permission is set to "Subscribers"
  35. VBV-1571 Who's Online Admin CP options are not working
  36. VBV-6562 Performance issue in the WOL api
  37. VBV-6703 PHP Strict error in vB_Cache classes in sprint59m6
  38. VBV-6616 Attachment will be changed for 1px.png
  39. VBV-3996 Usergroup Permission "Can Create Blogs" doesn't work
  40. VBV-3943 Usergroup Permission "Can View Member Info" doesn't work
  41. VBV-4001 No Usergroup Permissions -> Visitor Message Permissions is working
  42. VBV-2318 HTML Markup not working
  43. VBV-6643 Custom usergroups don't get their permissions for social groups properly upgraded
  44. VBV-6696 Comments that were soft deleted by the Admin but does not contain a "Reason For Deleting" disappear from view.
  45. VBV-1688 Physically remove posts isn't working (Error code 200)
  46. VBV-3262 Can't save any date/time settings per language
  47. VBV-1736 Editing existing page's layout doesn't pre-fill existing page URL
  48. VBV-2391 (Porting from vB4) Attempting to add someone as a moderator of a forum he's already moderating results in database error
  49. VBV-6836 (Regression) Any text after a '<' does not post
  50. VBV-4829 Some blog posts can't be flagged
  51. VBV-899 Can't see my own visitor messages on my profile
  52. VBV-6325 smilie manager has problems editing/saving any changes. has a "Invalid Table Specified" error
  53. VBV-727 When editing a photo gallery, changes do not save
  54. VBV-3092 "Done" button doesn't work when uploading attachments
  55. VBV-6100 Cannot leave a group after joining
  56. VBV-4589 "Limit Space Taken Up By Attachments (Total)" setting doesn't work
  57. VBV-5480 Non-Phrase "Subscribe" being used when unsubscribing from Blog
  58. VBV-1480 Soft deleting a picture visitor message on your User Profile will not work
  59. VBV-6551 Search API's Break Words Function too Restrictive for Single Byte Encodings
  60. VBV-6229 Query builder cannot create UPDATE or DELETE query without WHERE
  61. VBV-6651 userTest is failing [unit test]
  62. VBV-6652 vB5 Beta 23 #2 cli upgrade.php Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted in class_diff.php line 170
  63. VBV-4926 Avatar not displaying on group creation page
  64. VBV-1683 Merging function will break the destination post
  65. VBV-6821 deleteNodesAsSpam does not check permissions.
  66. VBV-4023 Usergroup Permission "Can Edit Own Groups" doesn't work
  67. VBV-6128 Logging in from Advanced Search page redirects to bad URL
  68. VBV-3137 When COPPA is enabled, creating user without a birthdate in AdminCP generates "Could not find phrase 'coppa_rules_description'."
  69. VBV-6724 In Group posts, links in text should be automatically parsed. [url] tags are added before and after the link, but the link is not clickable
  70. VBV-2733 Cannot remove attached video in profile media tab - "Remove Video" link results in 403 Forbidden Error
  71. VBV-2574 Post Reply button not clickable in some spot
  72. VBV-6690 Thread titles are not being trimmed in Forum Directory
  73. VBV-6691 Poll timeout displays as 24-hr time with am/pm when editing poll
  74. VBV-6664 When a comment is flagged, administrator flag report message does not make "Go To Post" a link
  75. VBV-6694 Poll timeout field allowing text input
  76. VBV-2461 Unable send pm if you type username but not select it
  77. VBV-2258 Uploading a photo discussion to profile will display two pictures while editing
  78. VBV-4456 Notices: Setting the Notice to display if the user has never posted is not working
  79. VBV-403 BBCode not working for comments.
  80. VBV-965 No cancel button on photo upload popup after removing photos.
  81. VBV-3231 Various UI issues on upload photo overlay
  82. VBV-3934 Usergroup Permission "Can view actual location of user (filepath/url)" doesn't work
  83. VBV-6666 "Done" Button on Attachment Window/Modal Stops Working
  84. VBV-6665 Attachments are attached twice in a post
  85. VBV-3963 Fatal Error: Exception when visiting the forum root before install
  86. VBV-2085 The link to user Follower's page is broken, in the User Settings > Account Tab.
  87. VBV-6611 Bottom Margin is missing for video containers in link replies received from ajax
  88. VBV-5539 Registration: Terms and Rules content corrections needed (references incorrect button names and link is missing)
  89. VBV-6667 Contributors cannot create new blog entries
  90. VBV-4601 Posting link content ignores "Minimum Characters Per Post" setting - can post links with no content
  91. VBV-6257 Accessing the register form directly through url ( /register ) and registering a user shows error.
  92. VBV-6712 No Error Message displayed when signature violates "Signature Soft-Linebreak Character Limit"
  93. VBV-5899 "Allow BB Code" and "Allow Smilies" options need to be set to Yes by defautl when adding new channels
  94. VBV-6583 Picture display problem. The image will not be displayed in a proper size
  95. VBV-2661 "Set to default" user title ignores usergroup-specific user title.
  96. VBV-4225 "No topics found" apears in topics list, even if the forum contain topics
  97. VBV-6646 Photo preview is not displayed correctly
  98. VBV-1524 "Last Edited by..." note never appears in edited posts
  99. VBV-2662 Create New Thread -> Photo has unhelpful error messages.
  100. VBV-5182 PHP notice "Undefined index: allowimagecode" showing on blog posts right after posting (regression)
  101. VBV-6813 (Regression) User cannot attach maximum number of photos to a post
  102. VBV-6796 Unable to change the blog name (regression)
  103. VBV-3058 Profile page loads vbColorPicker.js which causes the page to load slowly
  104. VBV-6709 Forum activity stream "latest activity max pages" setting does not limit number of pages displayed in pagination
  105. VBV-5485 When soft-deleting or undeleting posts/threads, user post count is not decremented/incremented respectively
  106. VBV-1733 COPPA email will not display the user profile link
  107. VBV-2235 Forum home doesn't show sub-menu tabs or channels in IE8
  108. VBV-6644 VBV-6651Private Messages Statistics not working properly [admincp]
  109. VBV-5513 Module titles not showning for custom products.
  110. VBV-6656 Admin user doesn't have permission to download styles
  111. VBV-6739 Running Rebuild Topic Information increases post count of any topic by 1
  112. VBV-6343 Module config type "LongText" does not show multi-line textarea
  113. VBV-6017 Username triple encoded in alt in templates blogadmin_admininvite_subscriberlist, sgadmin_admininvite_subscriberlist, sgadmin_adminmemberlist
  114. VBV-6901 The sites breadcrumb shortening is too aggressive
  115. VBV-6750 Typos in CSS stylesheets
  116. VBV-3753 False variable used in vB_Library_Content_Privatemessage
  117. VBV-3982 Notice: Undefined index: port
  118. VBV-6560 Need cron job to remove expired redirects
  119. VBV-6630 VBV-6651User Avatar options not being properly cached [fast cache user test]
  120. VBV-2117 string cast on vB_Phrase object in user API method
  121. VBV-5210 Page Title should be self-sustained Widget
  122. VBV-6631 Categories on the top level of the Forum tab should be clickable
  123. VBV-6987 php post confirmation with no page refresh when marking private messages as read or unread
  124. VBV-1024 Toolbar misplaced on channel Topic view
  125. VBV-888 Edit profile: Textboxes are not correctly formatted
  126. VBV-1986 Search field will look out of place
  127. VBV-250 Image Overflow Issue
  128. VBV-5059 Include the names of Alpha and Beta Testers on each release of vBulletin 5 Connect
  129. VBV-6483 Announcements with "See More" link display incorrectly in Chrome

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